Scanther helps businesses connect with prospects and customers on mobile devices.


We make it SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE to make this connection.


Mobile devices are playing an increasing roll in customer's everyday lives. It is essential that ALL businesses have a mobile website. 


Having a mobile website helps increase revenue, awareness and customer loyalty. 


Scanther Mobile Websites offer just the right information to connect with customers and prospects on their mobile devices.



Scanther 1-Page Mobile Websites are:
  • Automatically Created (takes less than a minute - just enter in your business name)
  • Easy to Manage (editing made simple - click-to-edit, no coding)
  • Easy to Engage (get customer feedback, recommendations, and email addresses)



Customers will love your Scanther 1-Page Mobile Website because it is:
  • Intuitive (no learning curve)
  • Easy to Navigate (1-page - no complex menus)
  • Fast (relevant information is at their fingertips)



Scanther also helps you capitalize on your greatest asset...customers in your store.      



Scanther Smart Signs direct in-store mobile users to your website in a unique way that is:  
  • Easy for Employees to Promote (“tap the sign to visit…”)
  • Easy for Customers to Use (tap, scan or text) • Scalable (1 - 100 signs)
  • Professional (no more poster board social media signs taped to your windows)
  • Measurable (analytics to prove the ROI)
  Scanther’s Smart Signs and 1-Page Mobile Website can work together or independently.